Posted on: June 13th 2017

Festival of Sport at Chi Uni

A FESTIVAL of sport hosted at the University of Chichester has encouraged young people to engage in different activities and experience higher education.

The event was organised by the Institute of Sport for more than 800 year nine and ten students from schools across the south of England.

It provided the students with opportunities to participate in sporting activities including wheelchair hockey and ultimate Frisbee, learn about exercise and its effects on the body in various strength and stamina tests, and find out what courses are on offer at the University.

Sport at Chi Uni

Professor Mike Lauder, Head of the Institute of Sport, said: “This is the second year now that we've run the Festival of Sport - last year we had 400 students and this time twice as many have come to the event.

"The word of mouth has been really good, more and more schools have heard about what we do at the festival and it's something they want as a date in their diary for their students.

"I think we've built an event that's all about raising awareness of opportunities in sport before students go to college.

"We would like the students to be aware of the courses we study under the banner of sport but we want the students to go away having experienced university as a fun place to be."

The full report can be found here