Posted on: October 31st 2016

Chelsea Foundation Colleges Programme Tournament.

We travelled to Cobham (Chelsea FC's training ground) with 24 of our students to play in the Chelsea Foundation Colleges Programme Tournament.

The avid fans amongst you will remember that there are 8 colleges in the country that provide the Academy programme and we play a tournament against each other. Last year (our first year) we lost against stronger teams, so this year would be a real gage for us as a course. We were in a group of four with: Sandwich College, St Joseph's and Clacton College.


We played our first game against Clacton and we performed brilliantly, passed and moved around a good Clacton team, created chance after chance to score, but couldn't secure a vital goal, as George Roberts, Alex McCarthy and Cameron Frame all missed chances. Despite this the team performance was superb and the team had finally come together and drew 0-0

In our second game we faced a stronger, more physical St Joseph's team from inner city London.  We played really well again, and again created clear cut opportunities to score, hitting the cross bar and post and missing open goals and drew 0-0

Our third game was against last year’s winners Sandwich, a real test for our boys, again playing excellent football at times, whilst being competitive in all areas of the pitch.  Unfortunately, Danny Thompson conceded a penalty after a late challenge! They scored from the penalty, but we had chances to win the game as well. The game finish 1-0 to Sandwich, leaving us with 2 points from the group stage, the same as Clacton.  So a penalty shootout was to decide who finished 2 in the group.  Charlie Page, Brad Platt, Jordan Martin and Ed Wheeler all scored their pens, and Adrian Potocki saved two from the opposition, so we finished 2nd and went in to a third / fourth playoff with Truro College. We lost this game 3-0 in the end but the boys battled really well and were brilliant all day.


Last year we came last in this tournament, this year we finished fourth, against colleges that have been running the programme for years.  A massive step forward for the progression of our programme.

We are now hopeful that some of our players will be selected to represent the colleges programme team.