Posted on: January 25th 2018

Author - Amber Lee Dodd

On Thursday 25th January Chichester High School had the author Amber Lee Dodd visit the library as part of the Chichester High School Book Awards.

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Amber has written a fantastic book called 'We are Giants' which is about a family settling into a new life in Portsmouth. The family in the novel overcome adversity after losing their business in London, moving to a new city, starting new schools and dealing with prejudice over the mother’s dwarfism.

The main protagonist 'Sydney' is brave and determined; she is desperate not to grow taller than her mum, struggling with leaving her hometown and trying to settle into a new school.

Amber Lee Dodd engaged with and spoke to students about how she overcame dyslexia and told them about how working as a learning support assistant she decided to try and write a book about a person with a disability.

She was thrilled to finally get published and talked about the difficult journey of finding an agent and editing books under pressure. 

As part of the Chichester High School Book Awards, students from Portfield, North Mundham and Kingsham attended the event as well as members of the Year 7 book club.

Students all enjoyed drinks and cake after the event as well as buying and getting books signed by Amber Lee Dodd.