Posted on: January 27th 2017

Yr 12 students meet Holocaust Survivor Steve Frank

Year 12 students met Holocaust Survivor Steve Frank at Chichester Cathedral’s Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January 2017.

A compassionate group of Year 12 Religious Studies and Philosophy students made their way to Chichester Cathedral to hear how one person survived the Holocaust.  Steven Frank was a Dutch child who ended up in a number of concentration camps.

Our students were amazed at his story of survival and powerfully moved by the horrors of the Nazi philosophy and practices.  It was a privilege to hear how he understood the impact of the Holocaust nearly 75 years after the event.

Abbie said, “Mr Frank spoke about his ‘inner strength’ and that no matter what we go through, our inner strength will always help us and guide us.”

Year 12 students abbie cadman and emma mcneil with steven frank holocaust2

Shani said, “We mustn’t let history repeat itself.  The horrific scenes that Steve relayed to us was a version of 6 million other stories.”

Let us hope that we learn from the mistakes of the past and ensure we remember what some fellow humans did in the name of politics.