Posted on: March 1st 2017

Life Sciences, Physics and Astronomy @ Uni of Sussex

What a day!

Hosted by the Departments of Life Science and Physics & Astronomy at the University of Sussex, students got a 'hands-on' with science: they explored the chemistry of stars, the physics of infra-red light and the biology behind medicines, they also met the next generation of scientific experts and found out options for further education and careers in science.

Chichester hs students

Activities included

  • The Pharmacy Shop – learn what goes into a diagnosis and the importance of correct treatments
  • Genetic variation – explore the intricacies of what makes you unique
  • Thermal camera – find yourself in usually invisible infra-red light
  • Spectral lamps – observe the colour within to understand how we view gases in space
  • Superconductivity – come and find out how to make things fly!

Here are a few pictures.

Our students looking at light from gasses

Chichester hs looking at light from gasses

Looking at levitating magnets

Levitating magnets