Posted on: August 25th 2016

GCSE Results Day

Chichester High School For Girls and Chichester High School For Boys
GCSE Press Release


  • Positive on all the new Progress Measures
  • 30% students with all Top Grades

Our students at the new Chichester High School today celebrated a day of above national progress in their GCSE results. The students at Chichester High School for Boys and Girls achieved extremely well in this year’s GCSE results with many students achieving a whole string of top grades, including our outstanding Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy from this academic year, Amber Busuttil-Reynaud and Jasper McGarry. Both are joining our Sixth Form to study A-Levels with us.

Students who have also attained the highest grades are:

The names are not in any specific order.

  • Connor Cruicks
  • Sam Dukes 
  • Ben Enticott
  • Matthew Hall
  • Thomas Hodgson
  • Christian Jarjat
  • Bailey Manoogian
  • Benedict Robinson
  • James Taylor
  • Molly Baker
  • Jasmine Quarterly-Brown
  • Lydia Cronin
  • Georgina Burgoyne Morris
  • Polly Dinnage
  • Bella Fenton
  • Alice Ford
  • Betty Gao
  • Megan Geall
  • Freya Grant
  • Georgia King
  • Kayleigh Marsh
  • Emily Mill
  • Mabel Rice
  • Amy Rock
  • Ashia Sadler
  • Georgia Shears
  • Madeleine Smith
  • Charlotte Southern
  • Anna Taylor
  • Chloe Turner
  • Victoria Wallis

This year the new performance measures for schools are different and our Progress 8 measure for for both our boys and girls is very positive. Students continued to achieve highly in English and Maths with 65% of girls and 55% of boys achieving a combination of both, key to moving onto further education. The students will now go on and enrol into our Sixth Form and local Colleges.

Executive Headteacher Yasmin Maskatiya said, ‘We are all so excited for the young people who have worked very hard to achieve these results. It has been a pleasure teaching them over the past few years and we look forward to their continued success in the Sixth Form. Thank you to their teachers and parents for all their support and guidance.

These results combined with the very satisfying A-Level achievement this year means that we have a really positive and encouraging start to the new Chichester High School in September.’

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