Posted on: March 7th 2017

Our new netball team

Yr7 Netball Club — Our Year 7 girls were away at The Regis School on Tuesday 7th March for the first 3 games of the league! 

We took 12 girls across as well as "Coach Roxy" from year 9.

The girls were full of enthusiasm and very excited!

They channelled this effectively in our first game against Chichester Free School which we won: CFS 1 CHS 3!
Special mention to the great combo that is Lauren as GS and Emma as GA, some excellent partnership work and great shooting. 

Our next game was against OSVA. A tougher and closer game which the girls took in their stride. We drew OSVA 3 CHS 3.
Great play from Jessica as WA who was not only an asset when she played in this game but was great at supporting when off.

Our final and toughest game was against The Regis School. Having won both of their games we knew this would be a tough game. Hannah was invaluable as WA, supporting the girls in the D and also got some great interceptions.

Heather's defending skills shone through in all games but as she grew in confidence, excelled in the last game.

With tight scoring and a quick final goal from TRS we finally finished the game with TRS 6 CHS 4. 

All of the girls were a pleasure to take to this fixture and represented CHS in a very positive way.

We’re all very excited for the rest of the league!

Well done Year 7 netball squad! 

Miss Honour


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@ChiHighPE fantastic girls! Onwards and upwards!

@ChiHighPE looking fab too! #CHSPEkit @TKATAcademies