Posted on: April 4th 2017

12hr 5-a-side football fundraiser

On Friday 31st March 2017 Chichester High School was the setting for an epic 5-a-side football fundraising event. The event was coordinated by the staff and students of the Chichester High School Chelsea Foundation 6th Form Football Academy. Andy Palmer, Pani Stylianou and birthday boy Gerry Murphy were present throughout acting as motivators, players, coaches, referees and general gofers.

31.03.17 12hr fotball (12)

In order to raise money for the forthcoming school football tour to Eindhoven, Holland, the staff and students embarked on a marathon 12 hour non-stop 5-a-side football match. The event was well attended from the outset with many students making it in by 6am for a 6.30am start. Throughout the day more and more staff and students arrived and played and it soon became a whole school event. The team spirit and effort on display by all of those that participated was nothing short of phenomenal. Despite the mainstay of the 12 hours being the Chelsea 6th Formers, many other students attended, before school, at break, during their PE lessons and after school to lend their support.

It was fantastic to see so many students and staff buy into this fundraiser and the sense of school pride and achievement was evident. Following this marathon effort and the team bonding on show, the Eindhoven tour promises to be a great one. Well done to all involved.