Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at Chichester High School.

Parents and staff unite to support the school by organising fundraising and social events. The money we raise pays for resources which the students wouldn’t otherwise have, such as theatre equipment and outdoor seating.

Supporting the PTA is easy and is a great way to meet other parents and to get to know the school and staff better. You could:

  • Come along to a meeting
  • Attend or help at fundraising events
  • Use our Pre-Used Uniform service
  • Shop online via TheGivingMachine and generate a free cash donation

Everyone with a child at the school is automatically a member of the PTA. But to be kept fully informed of meetings & events we can add you to our mailing list. We just need the following information: your name, name of your child & year group, address, phone number and email address.

PTA Meetings

Meetings are held twice a term:  we discuss ideas for future activities, plan events, and agree how to spend the money raised!  All parents and carers are encouraged to come along, and with several members of staff attending regularly, meetings provide a valuable two-way channel of communication.

Fundraising events

We run a wide range of activities.  Some events provide opportunities for the students to participate, like the ever popular Christmas Fayre and the Talent Show. 

Occasionally we organise major fundraisers open to the local community, such as the Travelling Trends Fashion Show and the Gardeners Q&A with Garden Market.

Sometimes the emphasis is more on having fun, for example with a friendly quiz night for staff and parents.  We also serve refreshments and sell uniform at some parent consultation evenings and other school events.

The Pledge 10 Club

This is the PTA’s lottery.  

Membership costs only £10 per year and gives you a chance to win the monthly prize of £25* (October to June) or July’s bonus prize of £75†. 

To join, contact us and we will email you an application form and further instructions.

* subject to a minimum of 23 members

† subject to a minimum of 30 members

PTA 'Jobs'

As well as the usual Chair, Treasurer and Secretary roles we also need parents to run the Pledge 10 Club, organise helpers to serve refreshments, process the pre-used uniform, produce the newsletter, administer our Facebook page etc. 

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us, stating which role(s) you are interested in.

Pre-Used uniform Service

Good quality items of used uniform can be purchased at very reasonable prices from Pupil Reception (open daily from 9.00 to 3.00 pm) and at some parent consultation evenings.


To help us continue this service, please pass on any items of uniform your daughter no longer needs – she can hand them in at Pupil Reception; all proceeds go to PTA funds.