CiN - Non School Uniform

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Dear Year 7 to 11 Parents/Carers

Year 7 to 10 students

We are pleased to confirm that this Friday 17th November is a non-uniform day for Years 7 to 10.  The donation is £1 in aid of both Children In Need and Stand Up To Cancer.  The students can wear anything spotty, orange or both.

Any students wishing to bake to raise funds would be much appreciated.

So they will need £1 on Friday and may need some extra money to buy some cakes/biscuits.

Year 11 students

The Year 11 students are sitting their Pre-Public Exams from this Friday 17th November and so they are not taking part in this non-uniform day, they must wear school uniform.  An alternative Year 11 only non-uniform day will be arranged in due course.

Kind regards
CHS Heads of House